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Information about our menus at the olive branch

For many years we have listed here all our menus we offer and it looked great and was very easy to use. But now i have taken a decision not to up load my menus to our site.

The reason why is i would like to change the way you view what we do at the olive branch, id like you to follow me on twitter to see whats in my fridge, or even give me a call or a text and ill let you know personally what i’m offering tonight. The main idea of our dishes hasn't changed in over 20 years so you probably have an idea already of what i like to cook, i buy the best ingredients our area has to offer and i don't do a lot with them, i add a sauce here or a little garnish there and there you have it! So here we go, lets see what happens, the menu page might be back tomorrow but I'm hoping not.

This page will be more like a market report to be excited about,
Heres a little of what I'm up to today!
I Look forward to cooking for you soon. Paul

March (already!)

Beef: i buy only Yorkshire beef, not because i believe its the best the world can offer, but it makes sense. I know a true gentleman called Allen who picks out the best cows for his sons abattoir over the hill in Mossley. I buy beef on the bone then age it in house from anywhere from 1 week to 40 days, at the moment (due to only having a small saw) i offer, Beef fillet (1 week aged on the bone) from the Sirloin which i refer to as the tornado, this is served simple and cooked to your liking. I aged the Chateaubriand which is the fillet off the rump of the cow, for a little longer to 2 weeks, we serve this to share on a board with garnishes like onion ring and duo of sauces. Next week or the week after my rib eye will be ready, but I'm catching up due to been closed for holidays.

Venison: i did used to buy farmed in the passed but i found (or to be fair they found me) a chap in halifax who shoots wild in Scotland. I prefer wild because it changes in size and due to the time of year and the different types of deer to what you can shoot. At the moment its large cuts of Loin, but thats only for the next couple of weeks, i think roe is round the corner. With my venison i always like sweet port, with a little peppercorn, then spinach and rich mash.

Chicken: i don't buy local chicken, i only by French corn fed, it for me is the best, it costs a little more but, but thats life, wild mushrooms are all over the menu, including here.

Duck: I buy gressingham duck breast, because i love duck but like the breast to be lean, and must be very tender, i use loads of fresh water cress, and make a butter soaked potato fondant, a thyme and red wine sauce.

Lamb: Slaithwaite lamb, id love for it to be from Brian my old milk man up at cop hill, but i cant be sure, may be next time! some of this goes to Mossley then to me, but i serve the rack French trimmed, and i need a butcher to do this while im resting my feet on an afternoon, so this will come through Bolster moor farm shop, they send me the breast (not belly!) i roll and roast till falling apart. I pay a great family called Colmans to press the mint into a sauce, but work extra hard on a creamy dauphinois (i think thats how you spell it) and rich jus (not a gravy)

Pork: i dont buy rare breed because for me the belly i love has too much fat content already with out making it worse, i kind of poach it in duck fat for 4 hrs, (in advance of course) then crispy if possible to serve with a crack. i love mustard with pork, and black pudding and garlic.

Vegi: its always hard, need better books! my menu is full of the finest mushrooms, vegetables and vegi ingredients, so lets see when you get here.

Lobster: selling loads of surf and turf. £26 and theres beef fillet, 1/2 a grilled lobster with garlic butter. Brandy peppercorn sauce and skin on thin fries. Top job easy and a great dish.
Our picked from the tank and prepared to order whole.

Seabass: its organic farmed sorry to say, but fresh as you like and with fine silky texture, Ive brought rice into this dish with a fresh and i mean fresh leaf curry sauce.

Fish on the bone: Every thing is best eaten off the bone, and I've nailed it here, i pick out the lemon sole, really sweet flavour, prepared to within an inch of its life, no head, no skirt, no roe, just four fillets ready to push off the bone as if it was meant to be. I love sweet Yorkshire butter and sharp crispy wine to make a rich tangy sauce, last minute addition of capers and lemon, and on a bed of samphire grass, tossed in citrus oil and pepper.


Oysters: its on the a board but still none in the fridge yet! may be next week.

Mussels: finally a good size, Scottish rope grown (as opposed to?) i love mariniere sauce but cant stop using coconut milk, chilli and lime. lets do both.

Smoked Salmon: only ever hand sliced to order, because i know you wont stand for anything else, its garnished with, caviar, not because its fancy, but the flavour along potato salad and creamy quails eggs is just a perfect side show to what i can only be described for me as the best ingredient i have ever bought in my 20 yrs cooking career. Smoked salmon!

Scallops: i still buy tiny little white specks of meat in a perfectly shape shell from Scotland. on their own left to explain them selves the queen scallop would just hide but baked on the shell to back him up, its a truly special thing. Loads of fresh garlic butter and Swiss and only Swiss Gruyere, with a little lime and black pepper. Its been on the menu since John nicked the idea from the Angle 20 odd years ago and not going anywhere soon.

Rice: You’ll always find a risotto on my menu, because its a great excuse to have a little too much Parmesan, and only Reggiano Parmigiano will do, i think there is talk of this become one of the 7 wonders of the world! its certainly one of the top 10 reasons to love Europe. and for the rest its either herbs and truffle, or prawns and spice, but tonight mushrooms sautéed fast in butter with some white truffle.

Prawns: finally the big boat from the real far east has arrived and the new season of tiger prawn is here, we take the head of and shell, its a frozen prawn, because it take a month to sail from Bangladesh, but its large and tender, tempura batter with a little kick, that will do.

Smoked haddock: its fine playing second fiddle to its big sister Salmon, but it needs a little more smoke, only from real wood chip (they apparently sometime bottle the smell and paint it on, i think crown do a one coat) i only buy the real stuff, we mix it with creamy mash and would serve it with fancy bread crumbs shaved from frozen bread, but we've run out, so its old school kolos crumbs. I like the aniseed freshness from tarragon, with a little cream.

Vegetable: to serve along side the dishes, or as the French say “ je vous demande pardon”

We love fat cut very large chips, or the opposite thin fries with the skin left on, onion rings are always welcome addition, we are still feeling cold so were roasting root vegetables in local honey, i love spinach with everything so we cream it with peas (frozen)
and leeks and garlic. its almost a meal in its self.

Something else.

Sunday: we roast some 40 day aged rump, to 58oC over 4 hours, its medium rare but not bloody and is beautiful to eat £14, along side with gravy and roast potatoes, its a great Sunday pleaser. We swap out the lean for the mean with breast of duck moving over for confit leg, same applies for lamb, we like a shank braised and served with mash. Loads of sausages or small plates for the kids & fresh sweet haddock fillet for a simple grilled piece of fish.

Not to forget: Plates of the day (opposed to?)
Really should be called cheaper today than tomorrow or bargain! You’ll find fish on a Friday, steak sharing plate on a Tuesday, Mussels on a Wednesday and lets say Haunch of venison or Hanger steak on a Thursday!

Sweets: Soft lemon cake, some dark chocolate tart, a cheesecake with some Baileys in, some of the best macaroons you'll ever see! and hot French caramel to dress the sticky toffee pudding,
you know the score!

Price: If i came id have the samon and lemon sole, or the lamb, i'd probably have a chaoclate tart, but id prefer ice cream, (but id have to share my pudding with Mrs Kewley) I have a £25 bottle of plunk and leave with a £90 bill for 3 course and wine for two.
We offer starter from £7 to £10 and mains from £14. Puddings will cost around £7

So: im at olivebranchinn on Twittersphere or the well thought out account with correct spelling is i think olive24/7 if you'd like to know what russ the manager does all day, but i cant think why, Call or text me on 0778155096, were on facebook and if my vans out side just knock on the kitchen door, i could do with a tea break!

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