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At The Olive Branch we have always taken the health and safety of all our guest and team members extremely seriously, and since reopening during this pandemic this has never been more important. So now we have reopened our doors to to forge ahead with our own local recovery we have worked even harder behind the scene to take ever necessary step to ensure everyones safety when you visit us.
We feel very fortunate that our old Inn lends itself very well to offering our customers plenty of space in separate rooms, and if you feel you’d like to arrange in advance where you’d like to sit or even how far you’d be sat away from others then feel free to make a note on your booking and we will make the arrangements for you.
So lets be clear what we’ve done,
We have completed a risk assessment of our business to addresses the risks of COVID-19
We are following the governments social distancing guide lines
We have had a full review of our cleaning requirements for our business
We have introduced the steps necessary to insure no team member comes to work unwell, that includes personal temperature checks, and any team member displaying symptoms of the disease we follow the government’s Stay at home and Staying safe outside your home guidelines
Although it is very unlikely that COVID-19 can be transmitted through food, However, as a matter of good hygiene practice, our staff will wash their hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. This will be done routinely, including:
before and after handling food
before handling clean cutlery, dishes, glasses, or other items to be used by the customer after handling dirty or used items, such as collecting used dishes from customer tables
after handling money
after touching high-contact surfaces, such as door handles
when moving between different areas of the workplace
after being in a public place
after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.
We are thoroughly cleaning our premises and equipment
All our cleaning processes are very effective and we use only the best quality chemicals
We have updated our staff training programs which already include safe practices for allergen management
We have made the decision at his time that our team won’t be wear any face masks or gloves.
We feel with the safe distancing we have this isn’t necessary at this time
So please feel safe in the knowledge that we will keep you safe when you choose to dine or stay with us. If you have any concerns please add them to your booking notes and we will gladly make any arrangements nessasery to meet your expectations.
We look forward to seeing you soon